June 11, 2009

Tool Nods and Tips!

:: Okay, here's my stab at a commercial....hee hee
If you're like me you use your SU scissors for everything from cutting Sticky Strip & Dimensionals on to cutting cardstock and ribbon. Well I'm sure you've noticed after time there is that sticky buildup that happens on the blades, which makes cutting ribbon especially difficult. At first my bright idea was to have one pair of scissors for adhesive cutting only and another for ribbon and cardstock.....well that's great in theory until you grab the wrong one and try cutting the ribbon with sticky stuck to your scissors! Are ya with me so far? 
One day my husband walked by my craft desk as I was having a little fit over the fact that my ribbon was stuck to my adhesive laden scissors and he said, ya know, I have something that would help you. I of course laughed at him for thinking he could enter my craft world and out do me.....but then I figured it was at least worth listening to his proposal. That's when he introduced me to GENERAL PURPOSE ADHESIVE CLEANER!  (I think I like him just a little bit more than I did before....hee hee) 
You dab a little bit of the adhesive remover on a towel and wipe your scissors clean.....its great stuff. 
So, if you're like me and frustrated with the goo on your scissors try some of the GENERAL PURPOSE ADHESIVE CLEANER. 
(And, no, I am not a paid advertiser....simply just a fan of a product that does what it says and thought I would pass the tip along). 
:: Okay and for my next product.....this is more of a nod than a tip.
OMG!.....FINALLY a paper trimmer that isn't huge, yet allows you to cut cardstock for the average 4  1/4"  x  5  1/2" card without needing the swing arm to do so. AND my friends.......there is no longer the gray area where the swing arm and the trimmer meet.....you know, the part where there are no measurement markings.  Yahoo and Thank you Fiskars! Its so nice that we can finally cut without guessing! 
I was so excited to get this posted that I neglected to take a picture of the swing arm to show you how this new and improved cutter has the measurements marked so there is no longer a blank area when you are trying to measure along the swing arm hinge thingy. The area where the swing arm folds up is clear now allowing you to see the measurements. This one little thing will change my card making for the better! There aren't enough words to express my excitement over this! You should have seen me yesterday when I happened across it in the stamp aisle at Joann's. Unfortunately its not an SU product, but even an SU diehard like myself was willing to go outside the box for this cutter. 
::Now, it could be that this trimmer has been around for a while and I just didn't know about it (I don't get out of the SU book much), but none the less, I thought I would pass along the excitement! 
Happy Cutting!

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