October 29, 2008

Simply Country Retreats

Wow!....that is what everyone says when they have spent some time at Simply Country Retreats. I was lucky enough to spend the past weekend there with some dear friends  from the "MABL" group.....Lynn, Barbara and Mary....I'm the "A" in "MABL". We all brought crafty things to work on. Of course I took all of my stamping stuff....well, actually it wasn't ALL of my stuff, but it did look like it. The house sleeps 10, and there was only 4 of us so we had plenty of room. Also, there are these fantastic craft tables with great lights and excellent natural light in the craft room. I encourage you to check out Simply Country Retreats website and if you book a weekend there make sure I'm invited. I can't wait to go back. (You can just click on Simply Country Retreats and I've attached a link to their wegpage.....I'm nice like that.) The owners, Becky, Cindy, & Geri really did think of everything a group of women would need for a nice get-a-way. It was actually REALLY hard for me to leave, but that also might have been the fact that it was the first weekend in 4 years that I have been away from my family......I know!....how does 4 years go by?....having a baby....that's how! For those of you trying to do the math in your head....Anna will be 3 in December (the 28th), but I was so sick during pregnancy that I didn't get very far that year either. Okay, so here is the info if you're interested in booking a weekend retreat, AND SERIOUSLY, if you are booking a weekend please invite me too! 

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